Partner. Collaborate. Network.

Partner. Collaborate. Network.

Indiana Parenting Institute (IPI) serves families with a variety of needs. To ensure the families IPI serves are able to reach a place of self-sufficiency and well-being, it is essential they have access to a variety of resources. So IPI relies heavily upon its network of family service providers to get these resources to them.

We can’t do it alone.

Some life challenges are just too complex for any individual agency to handle alone, requiring a variety of skillsets, perspectives, and approaches to resolve them, as well as a lot of pieces coming together smoothly in order to achieve successful outcomes…

Why collaborate (labor together)?

Collaborations (and Networks) work because 21st century challenges are just complex.

Resource sharing has become a requirement in the problem resolution process today. Resource sharing represents a commitment to something larger than single-focused organizational goals and objectives, requiring entering into and developing relationships with other agencies to achieve something through that relationship that may not otherwise be achievable by an individual agency or organization.

When clients with complex needs show up, smart organizations know who to call on to provide a full range of services.

Through collaboration, an individual agency can build its capacity to deliver more of what its clients need, addressing those complex issues that involve more than just the agency’s focus.

Successful collaborations reduce duplication of services (leading to greater community impact than if an agency tried to tackle efforts on its own), establish new relationships, even establish new audiences, as well as in most cases, substantially improving the final product.

Additional Benefits of Collaboration

  • Collaboration enhances services, especially for underserved populations such as children, youth and families.
  • Collaboration increases the quantity of resources available to serve clients.
  • Collaboration increases better use of available resources.
  • Collaboration increases the quality of available services.
  • Collaboration enables agencies to address their common interests and common goals in providing services to constituents.
  • Collaboration increases opportunities for cultural exchange, thereby increasing cultural awareness, sensitivity and competence.
  • Collaboration helps to view everyone as a resource.
  • Collaboration gets a community working together.

Calling ALL Family Service Agencies!

Agencies that work with children, youth, and families often have mutual interests, goals, and clients that necessitate collaborative effort.

This makes collaboration an important responsibility of agencies in order to ensure clients with multiple needs requiring overlapping services from multiple agencies and programs receive the best possible service and/or care.

Because no program can provide all things to those who are in need of services, and no budget can provide all the resources needed to assist all of those in need, we invite you to learn about:

And…we extend our services to become a part of your CRN. That is, if you believe parenting services can serve your constituents, we invite you to reach out to us to create a partnership that will proficiently serve families and the community.

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