IPI-NWI Community Resource Network (CRN)

IPI-NWI Community Resource Network (CRN)


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Please feel free to peruse and to contact the members of our CRN to learn more about the family-related services and resources they provide to the NWI community. And may you find just what you’re looking for…

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CRN Partner of the Month

21st Century Charter School at Gary (21CC) is a free public charter school committed to ensuring that all its students grow in character, academics, life skills, the arts, and wellness – using teaching skills tailored to meet the needs of each student. 21CC is one of a very few schools offering a Middle College program, which allows qualifying high school students to take real college courses for real college credit – free of charge to their students and their families.

The success of every 21st Century Charter School student is our most valued concern.

As part of 21CC’s commitment to their student’s growth and success, and in their continuing efforts to be expulsion-free, they recently partnered with IPI’s SHYNE program, to help keep every student in school and accelerating academically.

The version of SHYNE at 21CC provides parents/caregivers with the skills and knowledge they need to help their students stay in (and successfully complete) school, as required by law.

Every other Thursday afterschool at 5:00pm, parents meet to discuss their concerns with, and receive pointers from, some of the best in the industry on parenting – especially on parenting difficult child behaviors – that can be used starting that same day!

These ParentChats help parents determine what they can do to get (and keep) their student interested in learning, and in succeeding in school and in life.

Your student’s behavior can be turned around.

Call 21CC at (219) 888-7130 (High School) or at 886-9339 (Elementary school) for more information.