Let’s Collaborate

Let’s Collaborate

As a staunch advocate for COLLABORATION, IPI strives to coordinate its programming around community engagement.

As the issues that families have to face daily have grown more complex, so must their solutions.

Meaning…though IPI’s focus is family skills-building, there are concurrent skills needed today to ensure family success and well-being. And that is where you, our partners, come in.

Let’s Collaborate!

IPI offers 3 opportunities for collaboration:


IPI created B2Eplus to assist our families with parenting effectively through their complex issues.

B2Eplus is offered in 2 components that run concurrently within an 8- or 10-week session, and usually meets 2 days per week for 1.5 hours each day. The Parenting component is conducted by IPI. The concurrent component is conducted by a Community Partner experienced and qualified in providing the complementary skill.

The issues addressed in B2Eplus from a parenting perspective include: Recovery | Reunification | Homelessness | Unemployment | Truancy | Finances.

If you have experience working with clients on addressing such issues, then we would love to have you join us facilitating wellness skills with these struggling families [e.g., if your expertise is helping low-income families understand our society’s fiscal economy, and how to increase one’s economic net worth, regardless of where you’re starting from, you would be a great addition to (and partner for) our Stretch financial literacy program].

Please peruse our B2Eplus programming options to see where you may fit in…


Educator, is parent engagement a concern for you? Community-based Organization, are you seeking opportunities to get your services into the schools?

Let IPI’s school-based programming bring parenting education, family literacy, community resources, and PARENTS to your school.

IPI can also assist with those students (and families) exhibiting antisocial and delinquent behaviors that are interfering with the education process.

Community Outreach

IPI also takes its message of effective and responsible parenting to the streets.

We take our message and our trainings to agencies, schools, churches, forums – and we welcome our Community Partners to input as well.

Come join as us as we engage our community in the importance of effective and responsible parenting for healthy communities.

These outreach opportunities provide our Community Partners with an opportunity to enlighten our community not only to who they are, but also to the invaluable service(s) they offer:

There are 2 opportunities available under ParentChat:

  • You can conduct a ParentChat on your area of expertise.
  • You can have IPI come and conduct a ParentChat for your patrons. Click here for a listing of our available ParentChat topics.

We also invite Community Partners to our classes as guest speakers, where they can either teach a skill, or inform our students of who they are and what they do.

If your organization is interested in partnering with IPI to help parents improve their family’s well-being, Contact Us today.