Friends of IPI-NWI

Friends of IPI-NWI

Help a Parent. Save a Child.

Meet Tamaria…

At IPI, we don't have to imagine it. We see it every day...

But at IPI, we have a remedy, that's based upon a different vision:

Our Vision

A community where children are no longer broken in spirit by parental abuse and neglect, but well-nurtured by their parents, and the community, to achieve their full potential as responsible and productive citizens of society.

Our Remedy

Evidence-based and best practice parent education program models show that the key to preventing or reducing the number of children who are victims of child abuse, neglect, exploitation, or delinquency comes down to healthy parenting.

At IPI, we “Help a Parent. Save a Child.” by educating, training, and connecting parents to resources that strengthen and preserve their entire families’ well-being. Our programs utilize methods that are both educational and supportive, so that even at-risk families are able to realize successful self- and family-management; that is, self-sufficiency.

We help families effect life transformation by focusing on:

  • Perspective

    …a way of regarding situations, facts, etc. – and then judging their relative importance

    Perspective either empowers or destroys. That’s because perspective affects the decisions we make and the actions that result from them. In other words, our thoughts determine our performance and experience.

    Parents learn how to view their circumstances from a solutions-oriented rather than a problems-oriented perspective, focusing on solving the problem (what I can do) rather than on the restrictions of the problem (what I can’t do).

  • Decisions

    …the act of or need for making up one’s mind as to what shall be done, and the way to do it

    Where we currently find ourselves in life is a result of our prior decisions. And most often, ineffective decisions are a result of ineffective or limited information.

    Parents gain a clearer understanding of how things should look and operate in life. They acquire alternative options for handling life’s challenges. For example, understanding the negative results of the current way they communicate permits them to attempt different methods of communication to achieve their desired outcome.

  • Relationships

    …a mutual connection, association, or involvement that exists between two parties

    How often do we think that what exists between us and our kids is a relationship?

    Being such, it is a constant work-in-progress, with consistent refining and updating of your methods of communication and interactions as you learn more about each other and, in unity, strive for cohesive goals. But many parents spend more time molding their kids into something (changing them) rather than getting to know them, and then cultivating who they are.

    Parents learn to develop and cultivate a relationship with their child that edifies and that is mutually beneficial.

…and with some great results (click here for our parent testimonials)!

The Outcome?
Parental maltreatment is reduced, if not eradicated, and lives are enriched, as families are now prepared to function successfully in the world and culture in which they find themselves.

So…are you ready to:

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