Ways to Transform Lives & Communities

We have 6 categories of CASH donations:
  1. Program Scholarships provide donors the opportunity to finance a parent-in-need's education with a $500 scholarship under the donor's name.
View instructions here
After filling in the name you want the scholarship to bear below (e.g., you would type in: John Smith Scholarship), click on the Donate button to fill in how many scholarships under this scholarship name you want to fund (scholarship amounts are set at $500 each), and then follow the PayPal instructions to check out.
View an example here
For example, Jo Parent desires to attend a B2E program to better help her son with his academic goals. Thanks to the John Smith Scholarship (from Mr. Smith's scholarship donation), Jo is able to attend for free. Because she is currently between jobs, her capacity to assist her son is limited, so this opportunity was just what she needed. Thank you, Mr. Smith, for helping out me and my son!
Scholarship Name
  1. B2E Program Funding
    covers program supplies, marketing, and incentives. It also provides assistance with program fees, transportation, and childcare while attending a B2E program. Just select a B2E program focus below to support. To learn more about our B2E programming, please Click Here.
    B2E Focus

  2. Gift-Giving
    If you prefer to donate funds towards specific products and/or services rather than supplying them directly, we've got you covered. Simply click the "Gift-Giving" link above. You will find these opportunities categorized under Work | Family | Life.
  3. Operational Funding
    covers operational expenses like rent, utilities, supplies and staffing. Any support under this category is greatly needed and appreciated.

  4. AmazonSmile
  5. Workplace Giving
    • Automatic Payroll Deductions permit you to use your company’s automatic payroll deduction program to donate monthly to IPI. If IPI is not on their predetermined list of eligible nonprofits, Contact our Corporate Office so we may assist you with expediting this.
    • Employee Matching Gifts where companies will double or even triple donations made by employees to nonprofit organizations. Again, Contact our Corporate Office for assistance with expediting this.

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