Gift Giving

Gift Giving

Ways to Transform Lives & Communities


GED Testing Cost

Give an academic boost to a parent committed to breaking down barriers to self-sufficiency through education. Your gift will not only provide GED instruction and support but will also instill confidence and self-esteem in a parent who wants to move ahead yet lacks the resources to do so.

Price: $60

Job Skills Training Course

Equip a parent living with poverty to learn skills in a specific trade to secure gainful employment in industries like landscaping, computer technology, or a culinary profession. Such training will help an under-resourced individual improve his or her marketability and standard of living.

Price: $150

Job Search Skills Training

Provide key job search skills training to help a parent secure stable employment and improve his or her standard of living. Your gift will help an unemployed person master important computer and job search skills, such as writing and distributing a resume, as well as provide connections to potential employers and job-shadowing opportunities.

Price: $100

Transportation for Job Interview
Enable a parent transitioning from welfare to travel to and from job interviews or their first week in a new position without the fear of not retaining the job due to a lack of transportation. Your gift will keep the door to opportunity open for a parent in need.

Price: $25

Childcare for a Single Mom

Increase opportunities and peace of mind for a single mom trying to get on her feet and secure a job. Your gift of three (3) hours of childcare will provide the freedom and security needed for her to attend a job interview or training so she can become gainfully employed.

Price: $50


School Uniform for a Student

Support a low-income child in his or her journey toward educational success. Your gift of a school required uniform will equip a child with a basic resources needed to start school on time.

Price: $40

Winter Gear for Kids

Help keep a child warm and toasty this winter. Give the gift of socks, boots, and a coat to a child in need. Your gift will help protect a needy child from the elements of a cold Indiana winter.

Price: $25

Newborn Care Kit

Your gift of an infant care kit to a homeless parent or a family living in poverty will include many essential baby items like diapers, blankets, socks, soap, bottles, and parenting classes.

Price: $100


Rent Payment for Homeless Family

A rough patch in the road of life is not uncommon. Your generous gift of one month’s rent will help a homeless mom and her children move from crisis to stability.

Price: $550

Electric Bill Payment for Struggling Family

Help ease the hardship for a family that’s fallen on hard times. Your gift of one month’s electric bill payment will help keep a family warm during the cold winter months, easing their worry as they work towards stability

Price: $75

Kitchen Utensils for Struggling Family

Not all families have pots and dishes, table and chairs, or know how to cook a nutritious family meal. Your practical gift of kitchen essentials will bring positive encouragement and hope to a family without these basic resources. Nutrition and meal preparation class included.

Price: $75

Pillow and Blanket for a Child

Give the gift of comfort to a child this winter: a clean, warm blanket and a soft, new pillow.

Price: $15

Bed and Linens for a Child Living in Poverty

Help a parent who has finally transitioned from homelessness to a place to call home help a child know the comfort and security of a warm bed and clean linens.

Price: $200

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