IPI ParentSpot@

IPI ParentSpot@

Schools Helping Their Families Excel

IPI ParentSpot@ is a school-based family resource center where caregivers can engage in a partnership with their child’s school.

At their school’s IPI ParentSpot@, caregivers can not only get information, but they can also come and:

  • feel welcome.

    In a comfortable, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, parents will find a staff that 1) listens to them, 2) encourages their input, goals, and interests, 3) values their ideas and other self-expressions, and 4) cares for them.
  • take classes.

    IPI ParentChats are offered weekly on topics such as: improving family relationships and life skills, advocating for family well-being, building confidence and self-esteem, coping with stress, healthy meal planning, GED, ESL, literacy, financial literacy, etc. It is very important to a child’s learning that they know how much their parent values his/her own education. Childcare is provided while parents attend classes.
  • socialize.

    e.g., a place to meet and share a coffee, to have a parent meeting, to share stories about raising kids, to make new friends, to do activities together, to put on family events; even a place to come and read a good book in peace and quiet – all while their children are in school. It is a place where parents not only want to go, but where they want to “hang” (that is, stay).
  • get connected to family services in the community.

    e.g., health and social services, public assistance, healthcare, further education, job training, etc.
  • receive long-term family support.

    IPI ParentSpot@ staff gets to know families from the 6th to 12th grades, helping them as their children go through school. Because staff knows them, when they come with their concerns, staff is even better enabled to help them find the best solutions, tailored specifically for them.
  • work together to improve the school.

    IPI ParentSpot@ is where parents can meet not only to share information with each other, but to organize efforts to make their children’s school better. IPI ParentSpot@ staff can provide helpful information and suggestions to caregivers on how they can work together with teachers, or volunteer within the school, even within the community.

Located within the school, parents come not only to increase their involvement in their child’s academic life and future (e.g., local parent college tours), but to also learn about and to connect with ways to improve their family’s quality of life as well.

Caregivers who choose to utilize their school’s IPI ParentSpot@ will receive a membership card upon registration. This card can be used at participating businesses, agencies and events to receive discounts and special offers.

All services provided by IPI ParentSpot@ are free to registered caregivers.

Current IPI ParentSpot@ Locations

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