Parenting isn’t easy, is it?

ParentChats are just for these times…when access to, and input from, an expert in parenting – with over 25-years experience in assisting families throughout Indiana with effectively handling the ups & downs of the parent-child relationship as our children develop and mature – is JUST the relief needed!

Seek (even offer) Solutions to Current Parenting Challenges Here…

A highly interactive, informative, and informal learning experience, ParentChats are workshops specifically for caregivers of youth between the ages of birth-to-eighteen, where they can come together to discuss their concerns and uncover alternative methods for preventing and addressing issues like:

  • Problematic youth behaviors (especially those that increase the risk of school dropout, truancy, teen pregnancy, STD’s, bullying, etc.)
  • Enhanced Academic Performance
  • Strengthening the parent-child relationship
In fact, at ParentChats, a variety of topics get discussed... (click here)

  • advocating for family well-being
  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • coping with stress
  • improving family relationships and life skills
  • healthy meal planning
  • literacy
  • financial literacy
  • parent engagement
  • improving student attitudes & conduct
  • handling rebellion
  • and sooooo much more.

We learn skills here that reap benefits in every area of life!

At IPI, we love hearing from parents!

So…whether you’re a:

  • foster parent,
  • adoptive parent,
  • concerned relative, or
  • a parent looking to learn more (or just strung out!)

…the next time you hear of a ParentChat going on near you, don’t hesitate to stop by, and engage in lively discussion on issues important to today’s caregivers, along with the opportunity to garner some options on how best to manage them.
(childcare is available during a ParentChat, but must be scheduled first)

It is very important to a child’s learning that they know how much their parent values his/her own education.

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