Family Management Programs

Family Management Programs

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Birth2Eighteen (B2E) develops in parents both the nurturing parenting skills and the culturally relevant life skills needed for a healthy parent/child relationship and effective self- and family-management:

Parenting Education and Family Life

This component offers educational opportunities and strategies to equip participants with the family strengthening tools and nurturing parenting skills needed to improve their family’s quality of life, including (but not limited to):

    • the stages of development in school-aged youth (i.e., “…understanding the appropriate developmental capabilities and needs of your child”), along with those parenting styles appropriate for complementing the emotional, social, mental, and physical changes that occur during each stage of development, especially the latter stages; and
    • techniques to handle such concerns as:
      • peer pressure
      • academics
      • socialization
      • self-esteem

…and is provided in the following courses:

  • B2E: Keeping families together
  • RetMa: Healthy relationships. Success in Life.
  • Zero Tolerance: Improving school attendance through parenting education


When you require an understanding and proficiency for parenting under extreme circumstances, B2Eplus may be just what you’re looking for.

B2Eplus combines the foundational relationship skills of B2E (above) with the skills required to address a family’s current issues. Currently, we address the following:

Career Readiness

This component provides program participants with a range of skills and tools essential in preparing them for successful employment and/or a career, including, but not limited to:

    • Professional Conduct
    • Career Planning
    • Time Management
    • Responsibility/Accountability
    • Marketable Resume
    • Online job-search and application training
    • Interning & Volunteering
    • Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution
    • Effective Communication (includes interviewing techniques)

Home Sweet Home

This component provides participants with healthy home management and maintenance skills, with lessons on cleanliness, order, functionality, creativity, and creating a home environment that encourages both parent and child to realize their potential and to live healthily.
Financial Success

This component provides participants with the understanding that economic self-sufficiency is not about getting money, but knowing how to effectively manage what one currently has, and how to set it up to grow in conjunction with one’s needs.

As a result, participants gain discernment where needs vs. wants are concerned, as well as strategies to prepare for each.

Fiscal topics covered can include, but are not limited to:

    • Knowing your financial situation
    • Setting spending priorities
    • Spending less and getting more
    • Talking with creditors
    • Being moneywise during tough times – making good decisions
    • Avoiding money traps
    • Teaching your kids about the family’s money situation

…and offer the following courses:

  • PWbH!: Family reunification
  • JOY Project: Parenting plus Career Development for families in transition
  • LWAH: Parenting plus Establishing a stable home environment
  • PRR: Parenting plus Career Development for families in recovery
  • Stretch: Financial literacy for family wellbeing
  • TRIP: The Relationship Investment Program towards Responsible Fatherhood – because fathers DO matter (coming soon)

IPI programs and services are available to any caregiver (parents,
grandparents, foster parents, etc.) of a child 0 to 18 years of age.

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IPI is committed to building practical, evidence-based, family-centric programs that educate parents and engage communities in supporting and celebrating Indiana families and children.

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