Living Well @Home

Living Well @Home

Creating a Stable Home Environment that produces SUCCESS

Really?! Yes…REALLY.

Let’s take a look at your home…

Does it provide you rest, joy, uninhibited self-expression, opportunities for growth, etc.?


Is it a place of chaos, confusion, disorder, stress, uncleanliness, etc.?

If your home seems more like the latter, Living Well @Home© (LWAH) can help. LWAH is both a family strengthening and healthy home management skills-building program for families currently residing in subsidized, transitional, or temporary housing.

LWAH guides you and your family to establish healthy family relationships plus healthy home environments that last.

We teach parents to think of the home as the soil in which they are planted and in which the flowers they are cultivating, their children, are planted. If the soil is contaminated, so will the plants and flowers be that live in it. If the soil is healthy, so will the plants and flowers be that live in it.

So…which soil are you and your family planted in?


What Caregivers Take Away

    • Certificate of Completion
    • FamPlan© (Our Family’s Mission/Vision/Strategy for Life), that maps out creating and reaching desirable and realizable life goals
    • personalized CRN©, a family’s quick-access directory to needed and/or frequently utilized services and resources in the community

…along with continued access to IPI Support Services for up to 1-year.

LWAH Program Outcomes

    • increased self-confidence
    • increased family stability
    • improved ability to make life-enhancing decisions and to carry them out (e.g., continue education)
    • improved ability to seek out counsel, support, and/or encouragement when unsure
    • overcame barriers
    • became more effective caregivers
    • housekeeping evaluations improved
    • reductions in late charges accrued
    • reductions in reported domestic violence

LWAH Program Details

    • Duration: 1.5 hours, 2 days per week (as announced)
    • Includes homework assignments, in-class role-playing and assignments, and working in pairs and/or small groups
    • When Available: Day and/or Evening (as announced)
    • Program Duration: 8 weeks
    • Cost: Sliding Fee based on income
    • Funding assistance is available. Some restrictions apply
    • Caregivers include:
      grandparents, family members, foster parents, guardians, adoptive parents, mentors, even parents seeking to reconnect with their children
    • All participants must complete the Intake process
    • Course includes free access (some restrictions apply) to IPI Support Services
    • A Certificate of Completion is issued to parents completing, and actively participating in, all their class sessions
    • LWAH is often run in conjunction with Public Housing Authority (PHA) programming, and satisfies the PHA Community Service requirement. So, please check with your local PHA to see if they have an upcoming session.

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