Parents Recovering Rebuilding (PRR)

Parents Recovering Rebuilding (PRR)

Recovery is often a challenging journey

In fact, most changes are. And sometimes, combining the challenges of recovery with the responsibilities of everyday life, including parenting, can prove a bit much.

Let PRR help…

If you’re a parent whose past has been a story of dependence on drugs and/or alcohol to cope with life, and all its challenges & struggles, PRR can provide you with the skills and supports shown to not only effectively liberate from addiction, but to sustain that freedom as well.

Recovery is about…

    • …Changing your Lifestyle – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
      As a result, it’s an ongoing process of learning, growing, and healing through which you will improve your health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and all with the goal and desire of reaching your FULL potential.
    • …your Development
      Your addiction stunted your development through the destructive life decisions it led you to make. Recovery with PRR will teach you, instead, to make life-enhancing decisions for both you and your family.

PRR guides you, along with your family, towards solutions that significantly reduce the risk of substance use relapse (recidivism), plus keep you on the path to family wellbeing and a satisfying quality of life.

With PRR, acclimate successfully back into family life, into community life.


What Caregivers Take Away

    • Certificate of Completion
    • FamPlan© (Our Family’s Mission/Vision/Strategy for Life), that maps out creating and reaching desirable and realizable life goals
    • Work Portfolio
    • CareerPath©, one’s personalized employment-to-career plan
    • personalized CRN©, a family’s quick-access directory to needed and/or frequently utilized services and resources in the community

…along with continued access to IPI Support Services, and to IPI’s Community Partners for potential full-time employment, for up to 1-year.

PRR Program Details

    • Duration: 1.5 hours, 2 days per week (as announced)
    • Includes homework assignments, in-class role-playing and assignments, and working in pairs and/or small groups
    • When Available: Day and/or Evening (as announced)
    • Program Duration: 10 weeks
    • Cost: Sliding Fee based on income
    • Funding assistance is available. Some restrictions apply
    • Caregivers include:
      grandparents, family members, foster parents, guardians, adoptive parents, mentors, even parents seeking to reconnect with their children
    • All participants must complete the Intake process
    • Course includes free access (some restrictions apply) to IPI Support Services
    • A Certificate of Completion is issued to parents completing, and actively participating in, all their class sessions
    • PRR combines various evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies to reduce those stressors that may trigger relapse, while strengthening relationships with self, children, family, and the community.

PRR Program Outcomes

    • increased self-confidence
    • increased family stability
    • economic self-sufficiency
    • significantly reduced (system and substance) dependency
    • increased resiliency
    • improved communication and decision-making
    • more effective caregivers
    • productive, dependable employees
    • responsible contributors to the community

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Currently, thanks to funding from the Lake County Substance Abuse Council (LCSAC), PRR is being provided to nonviolent offender-residents at Lake County Community Corrections, who are parents in recovery. Learn more by clicking below: