Relationships Matter (RetMa)

Relationships Matter (RetMa)

Let’s Just Get Along!

Whenever you experience a life breakdown, check out the status of your relationships. The breakdown most likely began there.

Did you know that healthy relationships are the foundation of a healthy & successful life?

That is…if you want to improve your life, you MUST improve your relationships.

But how do you do that?

By acquiring SKILLS…skills that improve communication, listening, and focus, while also reducing stress.

Did you know that relationships have goals? That they have a purpose, a direction?

Are you and your partner, child, co-worker moving in the same direction? If not, this explains your conflict; and that you did not plot the course for your relationship at its launch.

RetMa shows you how to build AND sustain healthy, mutually beneficial relationships. It empowers you to plan goals, and achieve them, in any relationship you may find yourself in:

    • Parent-child
    • Spouse/Partner
    • Employer-Employee
    • Client
    • Neighbor
    • Family
    • Friends

It covers the relationship basics, providing you with the relationship and decision-making skills needed for success – all in a relaxed, interactive setting.


Some Topics covered in RetMa

    • Deciding vs. Sliding
    • Conflict Management
    • Trust & Forgiveness
    • Smart Communication
    • Smart Love
    • Self-Awareness
    • Safety: Personal, Emotional, & Physical
    • Your Relationship Leverage

RetMa Program Details

    • Duration: 1.5 hours, 1 day per week (as announced)
    • Includes homework assignments, in-class role-playing and assignments, and working in pairs and/or small groups
    • When Available: Day and/or Evening (as announced)
    • Program Duration: 6 weeks
    • Cost: Sliding Fee based on income
    • Funding assistance is available. Some restrictions apply
    • Caregivers include:
      grandparents, family members, foster parents, guardians, adoptive parents, mentors, even parents seeking to reconnect with their children
    • All participants must complete the Intake process
    • Course includes free access (some restrictions apply) to IPI Support Services
    • A Certificate of Completion is issued to parents completing, and actively participating in, all their class sessions

RetMa Program Goals

    • Help those desiring a romantic relationship choose partners wisely
    • Help those currently in relationships develop healthy habits to stabilize their relationships
    • Help those in unhealthy relationships leave safely

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