The JOY Project

The JOY Project

for single female-headed families in transition

Are you a single mother of school-aged children looking to successfully transition to self-sufficiency and family stability from:

    • homelessness
    • system dependency
    • incarceration
    • substance addiction
    • partner abandonment?
      (via separation, divorce or death)

We’d like to introduce you to The JOY Project (JOY).

Do you find yourself facing extraordinary barriers to wellbeing and success daily, and in several areas of your life, including:

    • housing
    • employment
    • parenting
    • financial stability
    • education?

JOY is a family strengthening and career skills-building program that guides you and your family towards solutions that ease your burdens, so you can finally give attention to your future, and yes, thrive!

JOY equips you with the resiliency needed for family wellbeing plus a satisfying quality of life, all while reducing your life’s barriers and failures (recidivism).

As you and your family progress through JOY, you’ll gain the skills, self-efficacy, confidence, and solutions-oriented perspective needed to overcome your barriers, and start functioning independently after perhaps even years of system dependency.

You’ll learn that knowledge is indeed power, and that the more informed you become, the more enabled and better equipped you are to live on your own without constant systemic help from others in managing your basic needs and family responsibilities.


What Caregivers Take Away

    • Certificate of Completion
    • FamPlan© (Our Family’s Mission/Vision/Strategy for Life), that maps out creating and reaching desirable and realizable life goals
    • Work Portfolio
    • CareerPath©, one’s personalized employment-to-career plan
    • personalized CRN©, a family’s quick-access directory to needed and/or frequently utilized services and resources in the community

…along with continued access to IPI Support Services, and to IPI’s Community Partners for potential full-time employment, for up to 1-year.

JOY Program Outcomes

    • increased self-confidence
    • increased family stability
    • on-the-road to economic self-reliance
    • overcame barriers
    • became more effective caregivers
    • became productive employees
    • became responsible contributors to the community

JOY Program Details

    • Duration: 1.5 hours, 2 days per week (as announced)
    • Includes homework assignments, in-class role-playing and assignments, and working in pairs and/or small groups
    • When Available: Day and/or Evening (as announced)
    • Program Duration: 8 or 10 weeks
    • Cost: Sliding Fee based on income
    • Funding assistance is available. Some restrictions apply
    • Caregivers include:
      grandparents, family members, foster parents, guardians, adoptive parents, mentors, even parents seeking to reconnect with their children
    • All participants must complete the Intake process
    • Course includes free access (some restrictions apply) to IPI Support Services
    • A Certificate of Completion is issued to parents completing, and actively participating in, all their class sessions

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