Zero Tolerance Truancy Prevention

Zero Tolerance Truancy Prevention


Zero Tolerance


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Improving School Attendance through Parenting Education

FACT: Forcing children to attend school does not fix truancy.

“Truancy is an external expression of an internal condition. Therefore, to truly fix the problem, parents need to learn how to uncover the root cause(s) of truancy and to help resolve it by looking within their own parenting styles and values, as well as at their current parent-child relationship.”

Zero Tolerance, a truancy reduction program, has been designed to provide such guidance. It educates and trains caregivers of children with a record of school truancy, or who are showing signs of school disengagement due to chronic absences, in the tactics of intervention and prevention available to them.

Parents are asked to examine their influence on their child’s behavior, and to consider the changes they need to make in an effort to help their child succeed.

As lessons are taught and ideas flow between Zero Tolerance participants, caregivers begin to feel supported and become “unstuck” in their responses to obstacles.

What Caregivers Take Away

  • The consequences of truancy (for students: educationally and legally; and for families: who may be held legally liable and suffer economic sanctions, if not jail time);
  • How to communicate realistic expectations about school achievement, as well as respect for school and educators;
  • Conflict resolution and problem solving;
  • The signs of a child’s disengagement from school, and strategies for getting them to school;
  • Available alternative schools or special program options for children;
  • To plan/engage their children in structured, affordable extracurricular activities that do not interfere with school attendance
  • Measures to effectively transition youth into adulthood; and
  • How to parent more effectively.


Zero Tolerance Program Details

    • Duration: 2 hours, 2 days per week (as announced)
    • Includes homework assignments, in-class role-playing and assignments, and working in pairs and/or small groups
    • When Available: Day and/or Evening (as announced)
    • Program Duration: 10 weeks
    • Cost: When court-mandated, none; otherwise, sliding fee based on income
    • Funding assistance is available. Some restrictions apply
    • Caregivers include:
      grandparents, family members, foster parents, guardians, and adoptive parents
    • All participants must complete the Intake process
    • Course includes free access (some restrictions apply) to IPI Support Services
    • A Certificate of Completion is issued to caregivers completing, and actively participating in, all their class sessions
    • The program can also be held offsite, as well as be modified to accommodate trainings of 6 or 8 weeks. Call 219-886-1111 to learn more

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Currently, Zero Tolerance is a part of the City of Gary’s Truancy Court program, Project Rebuild. To learn more about that program, click on the logo to the right.