Family LifeCoach

Family LifeCoach

Some situations are just “too personal” to talk about in a group with others.

For those times when you prefer a non-group, private, one-on-one parenting session…

When things are “off” at home, it diminishes the quality of life for the entire family. A Family LifeCoach is the right move to make if you want better for you and your family. IPI’s Family LifeCoach Service can help you find answers to those more difficult parenting, or relationship, questions, helping you get your parenting, family, and/or relationships back-on-track, or even off (finally) down a healthy path.

Some of the things our Family LifeCoaches can help you with:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Age-appropriate parenting techniques
  • Stopping excessive crying and tantrums
  • Building self-confidence in your children
  • Teaching your baby sign language
  • Stopping children from “talking back”
  • Establishing clear boundaries, goals, etc.
  • Helping your children deal with anger
  • Instilling family values
  • Improving family behavior and attitudes
  • Disciplining without abuse
  • Nurturing newborns

Getting Started

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