PSG: your Peer-Support Network

PSG: your Peer-Support Network

An Effective & Responsible Peer-Support Gathering for Parents (PSG)

PSG is more than a support group. It’s caregivers supporting caregivers in small, weekly, or monthly, discussion groups.* It’s an opportunity to share pains, joys, and triumphs, while assisting your “team” with alternatives to issues that may be challenging them at the moment; an opportunity to show to those most in need that there is indeed a “light at the end of the tunnel”. It’s a place where parents come to laugh and to cry, yet leave with a confidence and resolve that “YES, I CAN!” and that:

Some of the items discussed (even tackled) during a PSG have included:

  • Raising children
  • Discipline techniques that work
  • Academic challenges and alternatives
  • Gangs, and their influence
  • Bullying, and other violence
  • Drugs
  • Building an appropriate support network
  • Having fun!
  • Etc.

* Refreshments and childcare provided.

PSG is run by caregivers for caregivers, with some input from an experienced Parent Facilitator, because PSG is all about parents helping parents, and not about professionals telling parents who to do.

How do I join?

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