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Studies consistently show that children who begin to exhibit aggression as pre-adolescents are much more likely to drop out of school and have histories of substance abuse, interpersonal violence, and criminal behavior in their adolescence.

SHYNE is a parent engagement and school dropout prevention program that targets late elementary and middle schoolers (ages 7-14) who are showing signs of severe aggression, social dysfunction, and other disruptive behaviors at school (e.g., truancy, bullying, disobedience, and/or low academic performance), and as a result, are at risk of either detention, suspension, or expulsion.

SHYNE operates on the premise that early intervention will reduce these behaviors from becoming extremely dangerous or unmanageable, leading to the onset of unhealthy outcomes in children, families, and communities.

SHYNE, based on Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) evidence-based programming, has proven effective at reducing the occurrence of antisocial behaviors and improving functioning in school and life by:

  • Lowering and controlling levels of anger and aggression
  • Increasing resistance to peer pressure in youths
  • Setting and achieving positive goals
  • Breaking the cycle of truancy and school dropout, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, and poor behavior
  • Increasing the ability of parents/caregivers to set appropriate expectations, and to show affection and support for their children
  • Improving parent engagement skills
  • Building life skills in youth

Both students and their parents attend SHYNE

The Student Component of SHYNE meets for 1 hour, 3 times per month, during the school period. The Parenting Component of SHYNE, which operates simultaneously with the Student Component, meets for 2 hours, once a month, during the school period and engages the parent/caregiver in reinforcing, both in the home and at school, the positive skills being learned by the student in the Student Component.
The life skills and parenting curriculum they both undergo addresses such factors as:

  • social competence
  • self-regulation
  • parenting styles
  • positive strategies for coping with perceived conflict or threat, and
  • gaining an understanding of participants’ feelings and motivations behind their inappropriate behaviors.

Because SHYNE is a school-based program – and serves as an alternative to detention, suspension, or expulsion – selection of participating students and their parents is left up to the school. Again, eligible students are those documented with exhibiting disruptive behaviors at school, and as a result, are at risk of either detention, suspension, or expulsion.

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